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Brick Warfare


Brick Warfare has come up with a Accessories Pack so you can dress up all your favorite guns with attachments like the all New Brick Warfare Double link,extra Rockets for your launches you can also add a silencer to all your favorite assault rifles! All Brick Warfare weapons allow you to customize your guns with different styles of attachments and scopes so have fun mixing and matching!


Lets roll the dice in our new Brick Warfare Random Pack ! In our new BW Random pack you will receive all sorts of great guns and accessories that will be a great fit for any battle Modern or future,Zombie or Assault ! All our new weapons are found here first!


Lets go into space and get into a Galactic Battle with the Brick Warfare Future Pack, this pack has everything you need to conduct a legendary battle,weather you want to be swift on your feet or just make things personal your BW Future pack has what you need ! Let the Force be with you!


Get the battle started with Brick Warfare's Gunner Pack. This is sure to have all the heavy weaponry you need from the MG 11 to the RPG. This is sure to make a great entrance into any battle your mini-figs may encounter.


Heading into the heat of action?No problem Brick Warfare has come up with the Special-Ops Pack, which can help your minifig take care of any close combat situations weather it be close and personal ,taking a long shot from the deep in the brush or just go in with a BOOM,Brick Warfare Special-Ops Pack is just what you need !


Silent but Deadly! Brick Warfare took that serious and created you the ultimate Stealth Pack for your minifigs! In your new Stealth Pack your going to find every weapon you will need to successfully go into battle without being detected givings your minifigs the strategic advantage in battle!